Mandala Readings

Receive a multi-layered personal psychic, intuitive and medium reading. This method combines multiple reading styles into one all encompassing reading.

Shakti created Mandala Readings to suit your needs. Offering you a breakthrough to a successful outcome using Psychic, Intuitive and Medium readings all together in ONE!

Ask Questions – They Will Be Answered!

Shakti has been pulled toward the knowledge of the metaphysics for over 25 years. Passion and interest has led Shakti to do the following; intuitive reading, be a medium, use crystal and chakra knowledge, pendulum energy work, hands on healing, implementation of ancient mysteries, traditional tarot, meditation techniques, work with energy body systems and DNA in healing.  She has an understanding of Quantum Healing Energies.

Currently Shakti uses all of the following in her Mandala Multi Layered Readings:

  • Shell Oracle
  • 21st Century Voyager Tarot (Finding Your Fortune)
  • Sustain Yourself – Green Cards
  • Seeker Course Knowledge
  • Training from the Delphi University (Arthur Ford Academy) in Medium Channeling Intuitive Skills

Shakti offers Mandala Oracle Readings to meet your needs and answer your questions.

30 Minute Reading for $50

(If reading goes over will automatically upgraded to 1 hour reading)

60 Minute Reading for $80

($1 per minute over 60 minutes)

Who is Shakti Gee

Sandra Adele Gee Giles “Shakti Gee” (name received during meditation) is a healer, compassionate and cares deeply for all Earth’s treasures. Her motto is a positive attitude with gratitude working from her heart while giving unconditional love.

Shakti’s goal is always work with the seeker to obtain a positive solution/goal. Unlocking the heart Chakra expanding self and others while realizing the synchronicity of life.

Author of five books found on Amazon Books, Published 12+ articles with Ezine and received Platinum Author status, for 25 years Shakti has been driven toward Metaphysical Modalities and Universal Energies.

She has a passion to learn/practice the following:

  • Intuitive readings
  • Shaman Practices
  • Crystals
  • Pendulum Usage
  • Hands on Healing
  • Vibrational / Universal Energies
  • Traditional Tarot
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Working with Sound and Color
  • Intuitive Art
  • Medical Intuition
  • Learning Holistic Body Systems

Feng Shui

For the past 15+ years she has studied, implemented, practiced and taught the art-science of Feng Shui and the ways it balances and improves our lives. She offers Feng Shui in a Day Mandala Combo Readings for those wanting balance in their lives.

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“I’m a friend of Shakti. She has done multiple Mandala Readings for me. I have also been taught Feng Shui principles and put them into use in my surroundings with note worthy results. I’m Bipolar and have had much dependency on Alcohol and Drugs thru out my years . Her Consultations have given me guidance and advice that literally saved and enhanced my Life! I highly recommend her consultations to everyone for any reason. She works from her heart! “
“I have been told by others that a psychic cannot read their family members This is totally untrue in my case. My mother is Shakti Gee. She has been RIGHT ON with answers to my questions over the years. Her intuitive abilities have always been correct. She has helped me to learn to work with my inner self to find peace from life burdens and to know myself. My Mom Is Special”
“Words cannot describe the insight that Sandy Giles AKA “Shakti” can bring into your life. She is unique in her approach because she takes EVERTHING into consideration and her knowledge is OUT OF THIS WORLD… Shakti not only is a MASTER at Feng Shui, she gives you clear step by step instructions on what to do to bring balance and harmony into your life. As a person who has lived in Singapore and travelled the Far East all I can say is she is the BEST”
“I was a skeptic about physic readers! I took a leap and had a reading by Shakti Gee! My reading was accurate and my faith restored. I felt so much better after the reading than before. I had a sense of hope and strength with the information that I received. I’m now handling my issues in a positive way. Glad I met Shakti and thank her for making a believer out of me!”
Jen R.

The Dragon Fly Symbolizes Change

A change in the perspective of self realization. A change in its source of mental and emotional maturity with the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Dragon Fly changes colors as it matures, growing in water to fly in the air. Transformation and evolution which brings needed changes into life to reach full potential. Seeing this Dragon Fly is calling to you to explore your emotions in a light and joyful manner.  Open up to the magic of nature and the elements.

Shakti Writes

Shakti was Inspired to Write “LOVE” Wanting To Send A Message To Everyone Around The World Dealing With The Negative/Harmful Actions Cast Upon Them By Others! Where There Is Love There is Hope!

Books By Shakti

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Feng Shui In A Jar

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Shakti’s Cosmic Toolbox

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Jesus Sits in the Driver’s Seat!

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Kaleidoscope the Magic Tube: “KLEID” my Puppy Brother

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Secret’s of Color Magic: Animal Hues

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Contact Shakti Gee

Shakti welcomes questions and comments regarding the information on her website and regarding her books. Please Inquire about Shaktis’ Readings, Feng Shui and/or Any Questions About Life Experiences.

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